Matt Philip

Matt Philip is the Director of Agile Coaching at Asynchrony Labs, an information technology consulting firm located in St. Louis, Missouri. Through Matt’s work as a coach, trainer, quality advocate and facilitator, he helps organizations and teams become fit for their purpose. Matt draws on lean and agile values, principles and practices (XP, Scrum, Kanban Method) to offer experience, models and options to those with whom he works with. Matt blogs at and you can see some of his shared presentations at He is a member of Lean Kanban St. Louis, has had numerous articles published in industry magazines, and speaks regularly at conference in the U.S. and abroad. Matt can be followed on Twitter For more information, contact Matt at matt.philip@asynchrony.

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Articles by Matt Philip

What is Fitness for Purpose

By Matt Philip Lately, I’ve talked a lot about fitness for purpose and fitness criteria. Fitness for purpose is an evaluation of how well a product or service fulfills a customer’s desires based on the organization’s goals or reason for existence. It

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