Narayana Maruvada

Narayana Maruvada is a computer science and engineering graduate, currently working as System Analyst – QA with ValueLabs. He has more than 7 years of experience working on both developing and testing web-based applications. A major area of work and expertise lies in testing the applications and products that are built on an open-source technology stack for different domains. He is keenly interested in assessing the system’s functional and non-functional attributes; investigating and implementing new testing tools, techniques and methodologies; and contributing to augmenting best practices and quality standards for test process improvement.

Articles by Narayana Maruvada

Behavior-Driven Development – Making TDD more accessible and effective for better Agile analysis

In addition to increasing complexity, the changing dynamics of technology, and meeting the quality expectations of prospective clients, the main underlying challenge in modern IT organizations nowadays is managing the scope and requirements of software projects. The challenge is not

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TDD – a paradigm shift within the software development process for the Agile Environment

Test-driven development is a mechanism for designing software. By using this development style, developers first gather requirements and then formulate and implement a set of executable tests that completely characterize those requirements, and finally those tests are executed, one by

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Cross-Site Scripting Attack (XSS) – A Major Security Threat for Agile Environments

In the current times, websites rely more on complex web applications to deliver different output or content to a wide variety of users according to set of preferences and specific needs. This empowers organizations to provide better value to their customers and prospects.

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