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When you attend a testing conference of course you get the newest updates in the world of testing tools. You will see how to improve the handling of your all time favourite testing instruments and hopefully you will get even deeper insides and some new approaches or concepts along the way. That’s pretty cool, but since a testing conference isn’t just about issue tracking and testing nerdiness, tools related to ideation, design, resource sharing, time management and presentation are also discussed. So there is no doubt anymore, reading this article will uplift your karma, relax your inner state of mind and as a nice side effect you’ll be easily the best prepared tester on the scene.

Testing Conference Toolbox

File Sharing Tools

For sure you will face the situation (some or a lot of times) to share files between your colleagues, acquaintances or new friends. How to choose the right file sharing tool is a quite political decision between ‘reach’ and ‘security’. Nowadays almost everybody has a Google and a Dropbox account but thanks to Edward Snowden we know that Google and Dropbox are far from secure. Mr. Snowden has recommended the file sharing tool ‘Spideroak’. If you choose the ‘reach’ strategy in the meaning that you pick the mainstream products to be sure everybody has an installation running, as a minimum standard you could and should use an encryptioning tool like Boxcrypter to safe your data before uploading into the cloud.

Project Management and Issue Tracking Tools

Clarity is power – you know this point. And the more you know precisely what you want to do, the easier it is to execute. Share your thoughts, tasks and concepts when it comes to an e.g. testing dojo or a team workshop. Organize, prioritize and assign your ideas – this makes the real difference. The following list include free and easy tools and more complex software with costs aswell.


Communication Tools




QR Reader


Translator App



Testing Tools


Virtual Box




Travel Tools

You’re not resident in the city your conference is held? Then better use our some quality assured travel tools to find and relocate yourself to the place to be.



World Lens – Schilder in fremden Sprachen übersetzen

Scanbot – Scannen von Quittungen, geht direkt in meine Dropbox

Speedtest – Testen von Wifi-Verbindungen in Hostels und Cafés um zu sehen, ob es sich zum Arbeiten lohnt zu verweilen

Routen Reisen Planer (Moovel)


Presentation Tools

So you think „it’s the inside that counts“ and all the rest is just unnecessary marketing stuff that you, as a testing nerd, don’t need to impress. You are right and in a way you’re wrong too. Wouldn’t it be sad, that all the great content you present at your conference doesn’t make the appropriate impact on your audience? Presenting on a stage is more than transmitting information on an input/output level, it’s rather about atmosphere and magic than mere information. So here are some suggestions to leave your audience flashed and lost for words behind. The following tools were tested and are definetly safe bets for your toolbox to make your presentation an unforgettable highlight that everybody will be talking about.


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